The Squad!

Kidz of Change LOVE the Coaching...

“I learned that you have to be self-confident and never think of yourself as a loser... Never make others feel as though they are a loser, know that your worth is always in God, and even if someone else is trying to make you feel bad about yourself always know that God is on your side and it only matters what God thinks!! ”

Carver 13- Oregon

“ I CAN, I WILL, I MUST! We have to face our fears/problems, and let our purpose override our fears. We have nothing to fear with God on our side, but everything to be brave of! When we defeat those "giants" (fears/problems), we can help others avoid those same mistakes. "TOUGH MOMENTS DON'T LAST, TOUGH PEOPLE DO!!!!”

Sadie 12- Texas

“Rod told us to exercise whether it might be push-ups to curling 15lbs. And to all the boys in the group, it is our duty to stay strong in Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

Remington-13 Alabama

“I love that the coaching is so fun and talkative and you always get something from Coach Rod.”

Brighton -8 Alabama

“Coach Rod shared with us that God created us in His image. This means that traits the Lord has are passed on to us and Unconditional love is one of them. We should love people like Christ.”

Von-Kensington 17- Huntsville

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