Kidz of Change

Kids of change will CHANGE the world!

We believe that children can discover their calling while still in their youth. We teach kids that they impact the world now! If you want your kids to be encouraged, inspired, and be taught how to be a light to a dark world, then this is a community for your kids!


There are 2 ways you can access the

This course can be purchased separately for $48.99/month OR you can join the family memberships (Life Changer or World Changer) which includes full Kidz Of Change membership PLUS Adult Family Strategy courses, Preparedness Courses, Parents Community and so much more!


Kidz of Change is movement of kids who are stepping into their calling in their youth to impact the world for God!

  • 6 Unit G.L.I.D.E Course + Video for each unit

  • G.L.I.D.E Guide PDF COURSE - Created to help kids learn accountability and responsibility as they identify their SUPERPOWER.

  • LIVE MATH TEACHER via zoom weekly (Value $80+)

  • Live Bible Studies Weekly in the KOC Private FB GROUP

  • LIVE Kids ZOOM Hangout and PROJECT DAY every Friday (Value $40 monthy)

  • Midweek videos by other KOC members

  • A community of kids growing in godly character

  • Lessons focusing on growing self-confidence, godly character, and building strong relationships.

  • Homeschool Resource links posted weekly for Parents

  • This can be purchased separately OR you can join the family memberships (Life Changer or World Changer) which includes full KOC membership + Adult Family Strategy courses too.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome To Kidz Of Change!

    • Welcome To KOC! Start here!!

    • Become A Kid Of Change!

  • 02

    Parents: Welcome!

    • Kidz of Change

    • Parents: Using The G.L.I.D.E. Guide

    • KOC G.L.I.D.E. Workbook

  • 03

    Printable Worksheets!

    • Bible Memory Verse Challenge

    • KOC G.L.I.D.E. Guide Workbook

    • KOC Word Search (Older Kids)

    • KOC Word Search (Advanced)

    • KOC Word Search (Younger Kids)

    • KOC Spring Project: Unleavened Bread Word Search

  • 04

    "G" Grow Your Self-confidence

    • Self-Confidence: Part 1

    • Self-Confidence: Part 2

    • Self-Confidence: Part 3

    • How To Grow Self-Confidence: Part 1

    • How To Grow Self-Confidence: Part 2

  • 05

    "L" Learn Responsibility

    • Learning Responsibility Part 1

    • Learning Responsibility Part 2

  • 06

    "I" Identity Your Superpower

    • Identifying Your Superpower

    • Identifying Your Superpower part 2

  • 07

    "E" ​Envision Your Future

    • Envisioning Your Future part 2

    • Envisioning Your Future part 1

  • 08

    Kidz Hangouts

    • Kidz Hangout: Photosynthesis

    • Kidz Hangout: How Snowflakes Are Formed

    • Kidz Hangout: March 29th

    • Kidz Hangout: April

    • Kids hangout: Peanut butter Balls

    • Kids hangout: Let's build a spaceship!

    • Kids hangout: 3 Ingredient Cookies

    • Kids hangout: 3 ingredient banana pancakes


    • GMT20220527-182411_Recording_640x360

  • 09

    Math Tutor

    • Math Tutor Class One-Long Division

    • Math Tutor Multiplication

    • Math Tutor Money

    • Math Tutor Little kids Fractions. Big kids (Starts at to 30 mins) pythagorean theorem

    • 0 Times Table Little Kids

    • Math Tutor Little Kids Time. Big Kids Skip Counting (Starts at 35 mins)

    • Math Lesson: 8

    • Math Lesson: 9

    • Math Lesson: 10

    • Math Lesson: 11

    • Math Lesson: 12

  • 10


    • Kidz of Change DISC Behavior Assessment

What are Moms saying about KOC?

“Kidz of Change testimony. *long post* Warning My 7yr old captain of the ship has been thinking about his purpose in life. After doing the DISC assessment and reflecting on the descriptive words that he identifies with. He has decided he needs to step his game up. He did some research and found an online course that he feels will get him to the "next level" in his "career" as a ..... you guessed it...a professional YouTuber. So I, being the encouraging nurturer that I am. I asked him how is being a YouTuber going to make a difference in the world. Do y'all know what he told me...."money answers all matters" 😱😳💰yes he did. He proceeds to tell me that to get a blessing I have to be a blessing and that's my purpose. To be a blessing 😭I almost cried like a baby. ”

Happy Mama

Taneka Hayes

“Day 1 of @kidzofchange for this young man! He's my question-asker, fearless adventurer, and deep-thinker. He is also the one who wants a business at the age of 9! Multiple times during the live video he said, "that's how I feel, did you know that mom?" (nope, had no clue) ...And he's already thinking about whether his friends are true friends or people who will not be able to support him in his dreams and goals! 😲....Day 1! Mothers of change, give your kids the tools to fly! Give them people to look up to that have value and know whose they are! I'm excited to go through this with him and see what else he takes away from it!”

Mom of 7

Nicole Burch

“Thank you so much for the cool landmark cards Emmasara Mcmillion! My son loves them. ❤ Thank you for letting him participate in the Kidz of Change group! He loves hanging out and doing bible studies with your boys! ❤”