4 Courses of TECH

Kids, Get Ready To Learn!

Get ready to have a blast during these 4 Courses! Each lesson will dive into the world of tech. All videos are available in a MEMBER PORTAL. Suggested for ages 10 and up


Beginner through Advanced your child will learn how to utilize game development software. Give your kids a head-start into Tech!

  • Beginner through Advanced Construct 3 lessons (Game development software)

  • Learn what a game is and what a game developer does

  • Game logic ("if else" statements)

  • Creating Game Art

  • Dev logs on creating games & Video of Making games

  • Create a top-down game, start to finish

  • Personalized Game Development Certificate

  • Creating a 2D platformer, start to finish

  • Learn How To Publish Your Game

Tech Tutor

Meet Your

Von-Kensington McMillion is the 2nd oldest son of the McMillion's. At the age of 13, he became one of the youngest individuals in the nation to be certified in AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a Cloud Practitioner. He is also the Founder of Kidz of Change.