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Kids Get Ready To Learn. Starts Dec. 1st to Dec. 17th

Get ready to have a blast during these 6 Courses! Courses are 60 minute or longer and some include a worksheet and/or a Q & A or Quiz. Courses are available on a members-only portal.|| Suggested for ages 12 and up


Tech is not only the future, but it's the present. Give your child a head-start into the wonderful world of technology. This course will provide a tech buffet to introduce your child to different areas of the tech field.

  • Learning what tech is and why tech is so powerful.

  • Build a virtual self driving race car on a virtual racetrack.

  • 1 Q & A LIVE zoom to be scheduled

  • Intro to python

  • Intro to Html and CSS coding language

  • Intro to AWS services. Including Computing, Storage, Networking and content delivery.

  • PDF Course Sheet

  • Quizzes

  • Discussions on how to get job opportunities.

Tech Tutor

Meet Your

Von-Kensington McMillion is the 2nd oldest son of the McMillion's. At the age of 13, he became one of the youngest individuals in the nation to be certified in AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a Cloud Practitioner. He is also the Founder of Kidz of Change.

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