Always Be Ready Series Presents

Lessons include: Create A Preparedness Action Plan + Food Storage + Stock Up Like A Prepper + Current Research + Bonus Content!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Create A Preparedness Action Plan

    • Introduction

    • Have An Action Plan

  • 02

    Food Storage

    • Staple Non-perishable Food

    • Proper Food Storage

    • Printable PDF Checklist

    • Quiz

  • 03

    Stock Up Like A Prepper

    • Must-have Emergency Items

    • Be Ready

    • Top 10 EOS for your Preparedness Kit

    • Survival Gear - Get these NOW

    • Scriptures for Urgent Situations

    • Quiz

  • 04

    Current Research

    • The Truth - The Medical Report

  • 05


    • How To Order EO's

    • August 2021 t: Meetup + Important PREPARATION UPDATE!

  • 06

    Wildfire Prep

    • Wildfire Prep

Testimonials: Don't get stuck unPREPARED!

“Emmasara is on a roll with the Preparedness courses! I have to admit when you tell me to prepare, my preparation would look more like : ✅Food / Water ✅Emergency Fund ✅Basic Essentials Then I took the courses and I realized that I wasn’t close to being prepared 🤦🏻‍♀️ so thankful for these classes because now I know what I really need for me and my family😁 thank you Emmasara Mcmillion! If you haven’t joined yet, sign up’s worth the investment”

Mom of 2

Yolanda Munoz

“EmmaSara Tonight's preparedness course was amazing! This is information EVERY mama needs!”