Let's dive into the BREAD OF LIFE! Bible Study + Bread Workshop

Do you love bread? Want to fellowship?

Women, let's bake! Get ready for 3 month's of bread-baking fun! Bread & Bible is all about God's Word, Fellowship & Baking Bread! Includes a monthly zoom meetup, where Bijou McMillion gives a short bible study + teaches a new bread recipe in a workshop format. The Monthly Zoom happens on every 3rd Friday. 3:40 pm CST in April and 3 pm CST May 21st & 3 PM in June. $50/month per member

You will get...

In these 3 Workshops

  • The fundamentals of bread baking

  • Learn + Bake fun new bread recipes each month

  • Be refreshed + encouraged!

  • Recipes will include Challah, Whole Wheat Bread, Crusty Bread, Mediterranean Flatbreads & Flavorful Pizza Doughs!

  • God's Word, Fellowship & Baking Bread!

  • 3 months of bread-baking fun!

  • Recipe PDF's

  • Workshop Replays


“Hi Fam!! I missed yall! It was a very busy yet creative productive weekend. I worked And Played! One of the things I've been wanting to learn is how to be better at baking! Sooooo, Tory and I took an amazing Challah bread class from my newest little sister in Faith Bijou McMillion!! She's an amazing gift from God and super talented and her spirit ♥, shes a true joy. One of the things that made this experience amazing was how God has truly given us All we need to succeed here in this life. Baking easily became ministry to me. Baking bread is like how God has specific ingredients that He puts on the inside of us to help us Rise to our fullest potential! #MannaMessage: Make sure to put all the right ingredients within yourself this week so you can rise to your fullest potential! Measure (with The Word), Mix (Praise, Prayer & Worship), Put on the Heat (Put it into action). Allow God to shine within you so you can glow in His glory on the outside. You will be amazed how many people you can feed when you're filled with all the right things ☺ That's my message today. Today is a packed day, I will be back later. If you're interested in "Baking with Bijou" (😉) hit her up. She's hosting more classes and they will fill up fast!”

Beginner Bread Baker

Takima H.

“(Bijou McMillion) gave me a wonderful Challah lesson when I stayed with them last weekend. I’ve made Challah before, but theirs was over the top, Amazing!!! Sooooooo... I took what I remembered, and showed my oldest girls. We can hardly wait to cut into them. Thanks for the lesson!!! 🥰”

Advanced Baker

Melanie B.


  • I have never made bread before, can I join?

    Yes, beginners are welcome!

  • How can I contact Bijou?

    You can contact Bijou at bijoumcmillion@gmail.com or DM on Facebook for bread baking questions. For issues logging into the site or regarding a purchased course, please email xtremechangeuniversity@gmail.com

  • What kinds of recipes will I learn?

    Each month will be a new bread recipe. Workshops will include Challah, Whole Wheat Bread, Crusty Bread, Mediterranean Flatbreads, Flavorful Pizza Doughs & more!

More testimonials

“I had a blast! She made it so easy to follow along with her step by step. I like how this class is on a zoom call, it’s a cooking class in the comfort of your own home and unlike a recipe or a cooking show where you can’t ask questions.... you can! Bijou is an awesome teacher and so patient! Thank you for my challah bread lessons!”

Mom, First Time Baking Bread

Kandra B.

“Here it is, my first homemade bread ever! This is Challah bread, which I've been wanting to learn how to make. Thank you Bijou! 😊❣”


Maria M.