Always Be Ready Series Presents

EmmaSara CNHC is certified in natural integrative health. Learn how she helped her entire family break from illness and chronic issues. Be ready to learn how to do more than survive, learn how to thrive and stay healthy despite world conditions. This could be the most important course for your family's health!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Preventative Awareness

    • Introduction

    • The Research

  • 02

    Prevention Protocol

    • Nutrition As A First Line Of Defense

    • Reject Medicine Cabinet

    • Quiz

  • 03

    The Prevention Cabinet

    • The Prevention Cabinet

    • Prevention Protocol

  • 04


    • Essentials To Boost Immunity

Testimonial: PREVENTION is where it's at!

“Being in medicine, I can tell y'all that prevention is everything! Take this course y'all. You won't regret it!”