Membership Checklist

Are you ready to have the most PRODUCTIVE year on record? Courses are each 2nd Sunday of the month at 5:30 CST

  • Strategy to be more FOCUSED

  • Strategy to operate with EXTREME PRODUCTIVITY

  • Conquering SELF-SABATOGE

  • Proven strategies for BUSINESS BUILDING


  • LIVE 60 Minute Group Mentoring session

  • 60 Minute Zoom Call REPLAYS- Access to all previous sessions.

  • Bonus: Weekly 45 min FOCUS Session & short message. This time is used to EXECUTE.

  • EXECUTE- EXECUTE-EXECUTE! Learn how to achieve YOUR GOALS!


  • Can I try it out for a month?

    Yes, you can start and stop whenever you like. We think your going to LOVE IT as you see your life become more productive! (There are no refunds, but you may cancel at anytime)

  • What will you be teaching?

    Each session will be a balance of sharing tools & resources, so you can accomplish more in your day, plus a Q. & A. time. EmmaSara will give you the opportunity for her to look over each of your projects to help you execute with precision.

  • What kind of business advise will you give?

    EmmaSara has extensive business training from people at the top of their industry. During the Q & A she can help you in each area of business by steering you in the right direction to have a quicker more powerful result.